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Request For Proposals for Multimodal Transit Transfer Center Feasibility Study/Design Concept RFP LMPO-012513





RFP LMPO-012513


Evaluation Criteria:    

Responses to this proposal will be evaluated against the following criteria:   

• Qualifications/experience of prime consultant with studies of similar type and


• Qualifications/experience of subconsultants with studies of similar type and size

   and/or special expertise beneficial to the study.          

• Demonstration of knowledge of transportation planning, engineering, passenger

   transit systems, and land use planning.

• Indication of sufficient staff for all facets of the proposed study/workload, and

   previous work with proposed subconsultants.

• Identification of personnel and their qualifications for conducting assigned

   portion(s) of the study.

• Identification of deliverables that convey appropriate progress throughout the


• Consultant’s past record of performance on similar projects.

• Demonstration of sensitivity to ensuring community involvement.

• Proposed cost of the study and demonstration of commitment and internal

   policies for meeting the project budget and schedule.

• Consultant’s and/or subconsultants’ geographic location in relation to the study


• Knowledge of the special characteristics of the City of Lawton such as

  demographics and Fort Sill.

 Legal Matters:    

A. It is understood that this RFP does not obligate LMPO to pay any costs   

     incurred by the applicant in the preparation and submission of a proposal or an


B. The LMPO reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to negotiate the

     terms of the contract, including the award amount, with the selected vendor

     prior to entering into a contract. 

C. Approximately 80 percent of funding for this study will be derived from

     Federal funds.  As such, the selected consultant is expected to comply with

     Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and applicable non-discrimination laws.   

D. Upon completion of the Multimodal Transit Transfer Center Feasibility Design

     Concept, all data, maps, and reports shall be the property of the project sponsor        

     and provided to LMPO in both paper and electronic formats. 

Proposed Schedule:      

The following schedule is an estimate and may require adjustment depending on the availability of the Consultant Selection Committee and other unforeseen circumstances:   

• RFP Issue Date:                                                                     Friday, January 25, 2013   

• Deadline for Proposals:                                                           Friday, February 22, 2013   

• Send Proposals to Consultant Selection Committee:                   Monday, February 25, 2013  

• Review/Scoring of Proposals by Selection Committee:                 Monday, March 4, 2013   

• Consultant Interviews:                                                            Monday, March 11, 2013   

• Award date:                                                                           Thursday, March 14, 2013 

• Start date for Consultant:                                                        Monday, March 25, 2013   

• End date:                                                                               Friday, June 28, 2013



Please submit ten (10) proposals to the address provided below, and a pdf version of the proposal to the email address listed below.  All materials and documents submitted in response to this RFP will become the property of LMPO and will not be returned to the bidder.  After evaluation by the Consultant Selection Committee, all proposals become a matter of public record. 

Responses must be received by mail or delivered to: Ha Vu, LMPO, 212 SW 9th Street, Lawton, OK, 73501, by 5:00 CST, February 22, 2013.  Late proposals will not be considered and will notify senders where to pick up their proposals.   

Inquiries may be directed to Ha Vu at (580)581-3375, or by e-mail at 




RFP LMPO-012213



Background Information   

The Lawton Metropolitan Planning Organization (LMPO) is seeking proposals from qualified professionals that are knowledgeable in planning, engineering, design and operation of transit systems.  Qualifications should include knowledge and experience with connections among various modes of transportation including bus (local and interstate), automobile, bicycle and pedestrian; function, layout and optimal design of an overall site and structure to serve as a multimodal transportation connection point; transportation modeling, ridership forecasting, and capital and operating cost analysis; and transit supportive development opportunities surrounding a multimodal transit transfer center.    

The selected consultant will conduct a Multimodal Transit Transfer Center Feasibility Design Concept for Lawton, Oklahoma that will result in a recommended location and conceptual layout that will provide covered passenger boarding areas, interior passenger amenities, connections between passenger platforms, connections to local and interstate bus service, taxis, and future fixed guideway technologies.

The Lawton Area Transit System (LATS) began operating in 2002.  LATS operates 5 fixed routes with a total of 10 buses running on a pulse – clockwise/counter clockwise pattern and provides paratransit service within the city limits of Lawton.  The LATS fleet includes 17 buses and 4 paratransit vehicles.  The current transfer center is an on-street facility located along SW B Avenue at SW 4th Street adjacent to Wayne Gilley City Hall.  Wayne Gilley City Hall is being vacated and City offices are being relocated to the Lawton City Hall located at SW 9th Street and SW C Avenue.  LATS administrative offices and maintenance facilities are located at SW 6th Street and Bishop Road. 

Anticipated Needs   

It is envisioned that the work program for the Multimodal Transit Transfer Center Feasibility Design Concept described in the tasks outlined below would be performed by a firm with land use and transportation planning and engineering experience who can demonstrate an understanding of the operational functions of a multimodal transit transfer center, its implications on nearby development, and its capacity to serve current and future travel connections within Lawton, Oklahoma, the state and the nation.   

Evaluation of proposals will be performed by a selection committee which may be comprised of members from LMPO, Transit Trust, and ASCOG.  Selection criteria will include such considerations as qualification/experience of consultant and subconsultants; understanding of the project requirements; ability to service the project in terms of staff, other workload, timeline and proximity to the study area; past performance record and proposed cost. 

It is estimated the consultant will start work March 25, 2013 and will complete the tasks described in the scope of services by June 28, 2013.  

Study Goals   

The primary goal of the Multimodal Transit Transfer Center Feasibility Design Concept is to recommend the best location and provide a conceptual layout for a new multimodal transit transfer center for the Lawton metropolitan area.    

Other study goals include:  

• Recommendations on phasing to ensure that the multimodal transit transfer center will

   serve the area’s short-range and long-range needs as Lawton’s population and     

   transportation system grows and as new public transportation technologies are


• The ability to accommodate not only local multimodal transportation connections, but

   also connections from other areas of the state and surrounding states. 

• Evaluate and update, as needed, public transportation ridership forecasts for the Lawton


• Provide estimated capital and operating costs for the multimodal transit transfer center

   site and facility at full build-out, as well as costs associated with a phased approach to

   development of the transit transfer center.   

• Identify opportunities for transit supportive development near the multimodal transit

   transfer center location. 

Study Area   

The primary study area is the Lawton Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (LMATS).  The LMATS is the geographic area in which the metropolitan transportation planning process required by 23 U.S.C. 134 and 49 U.S.C. 5303 must be carried out. The LMATS area is shown on the attached map. 

Proposal Content   

Responses to this RFP should include a detailed Work Plan that addresses the overall timeline and milestones necessary to complete the Multimodal Transit Transfer Center Feasibility Design Concept, identifies specific activities that will be accomplished each month, identifies the staffing and number of hours that will be devoted to each activity, and describes the work products that will be produced. Responders are welcome to propose modifications to the tasks reflected below which, based on previous experience, would improve the effectiveness of the study effort while maintaining the study budget and time frame.     

Scope of Services   

A. Develop Work Plan, Schedule, and Outreach Program

     • Develop a work plan to guide and manage the project

     • Establish a schedule with milestones

     • Establish a process for communication with the sponsoring agencies

     • Develop a public involvement plan to conduct outreach for various tasks   

B. Collect Data and Assess Needs

     • Identify transit requirements and constraints

     • Research and review peer facilities

     • Review available public transportation survey findings

     • Review anticipated downtown developments, potential future regional fixed

       guideway developments, current and future public transportation operations

       plans and other information that could affect the project

     • Identify potential opportunities and issues

     • In coordination with the Advisory Committee, refine project goals and objectives    

C. Define Conceptual Layout

     • Develop transit center building, estimated patronage, passenger transfers,

        boarding and alighting, pedestrian access, parking, traffic circulation, bus

        requirements, passenger amenities and other related elements

     • Develop a conceptual multimodal transit transfer center layout 

     • Develop candidate site requirements and criteria    

D. Identify Candidate Sites Within Downtown Area

     • Review potential sites and associated property records

     • Review development plans that may affect sites

     • Review sites for environmental issues that could present a fatal flaw

     • Recommend three (3) candidate sites for further analysis    

E. Analyze Candidate Locations

    • Develop preliminary site layout for candidate sites based on conceptual layout

    • Evaluate and rank candidate sites based on established criteria

    • Recommend preferred site    

F. Develop Preferred Multimodal Transit Transfer Center Site Plan

    • Define street ROW, setbacks, and transit center building footprints, site    

      circulation, parking, pedestrian access, and urban design/streetscape elements to

      accommodate Multimodal Transit Transfer Center conceptual layout

    • Include recommendations on phasing to ensure that the multimodal transit

      transfer center will serve the area’s short-range and long-range needs as

      Lawton’s population and transportation system grows and as new public

      transportation technologies are implemented.

    • Refine proposed site plan based on LMPO input  

G. Develop Conceptual Construction/Operations/Maintenance Costs

     • Develop conceptual construction cost estimate, to include hard and soft costs,

        such as real estate costs, design fees, environmental assessment, and escalation

     • Develop conceptual operation and maintenance cost estimates

     • Provide estimated capital and operating costs for the multimodal transit transfer

       center site and facility at full build-out, as well as costs associated with a phased

       approach to development of the transfer center 

H. Funding Analysis 

     • Research federal, state, and local funding sources

     • Recommend funding sources and discuss any variation in the study

        recommendations attributable to the recommended funding source(s) – i.e.

        federal versus non-federal 

     • Identify opportunities for joint development and/or public-private partnerships    

I. Prepare Study Report and Documentation

   • Prepare periodic status reports as identified in the schedule and milestones

   • Document all findings and prepare a draft and a final report

   • Present the findings to the Advisory Committee, the LMPO, and the City Transit


   • Consultant will provide 30 printed copies of the final report to LMPO staff for

      distribution to the study participants, as well as an electronic copy of the final


   • Provide number of meetings needed at the City of Lawton