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The introduction section of the Clean Air lesson kit lists what Oklahoma PASS objectives are covered by the lesson kit. It also includes a table of contents.
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Lesson 1 - Air: A Weighty Topic
In the first lesson of the Clean Air Kit, students will be introduced to the concept of air. Students will become familiar with some of the different properties of air by participating in a few simple hands-on experiments.
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Lesson 2 - Air Matters
In this lesson students will learn that air is matter in a gaseous phase and that when air is heated it rises. The lesson also includes a "magic trick" to show students where a hardboiled egg is sucked into a bottle. The plan also contains a scientific procedure sheet for you to print and use.
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Lesson 3 - It Smells in Here
This activity will help students understand the movement of air and how air can transport pollutants from one place to another. It will allow students to use their ability to detect and recognize odors with a model of an air-monitoring device.
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Lesson 4 - It's Up in the Air
After completing this lesson, students will be able to explain the importance of monitoring air pollution, participate in problem solving to determine the most effective method for collecting particulate matter, and test for visible and invisible pollutants.
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Lesson 5 - Knocking Over Pollutants
This lesson covers six common pollutants and how they harm humans. It illustrates this to children with a fun, interactive bowling game.
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Lesson 6 - Traffic Jam
Students can learn about automobile emissions and make predictions about traffic and air pollutions with this hands-on experiment. Students will make a traffic simulator using varying types of beans and a small soda bottle.
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Lesson 7 - Polluted Rain
In this lesson, students will learn about acid rain and how air, water and pollution interact. They will conduct pH tests to find acidity levels from local water sources.
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Lesson 8 - You're Getting Warmer!
This lesson discusses the greenhouse effect and how air pollution can cause a rise in temperature. Students will perform an involved experiment sampling and testing sources of carbon dioxide.
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Lesson 9 - Going Green
In this lesson, students learn about four different types of green vehicles and how they can help the environment. Student will use their creative skills to make an advertisement for a vehicle.
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Lesson 10 - How green are we?
In this lesson, students will learn the importance of energy efficiency in connection with air pollution. Children will conduct an audit of their home, school and community. Three worksheets are provided to print and use.
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Lesson 11 - Air Quality Trivia Game
This end of the unit review, discusses the Air Quality Index or AQI. Student will be able to name the categories of the AQI and its importance.
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Ongoing Activities
Incorporating air quality information into your classroom or school is easy. Here are two ways to easily get student to think about this important issue.

Weather and Air Quality Report

If your school doesn't have a weather station, make one. Have students collect data from the weather station and the local television news each day. Along with the weather data, the students also need to find the Air Quality Index for the day. During the morning announcements, have the students use the collected data to give a weather report. If the air pollution levels are high, have the students also give an air pollution prevention tip.

Air Quality News Board
Use a bulletin board in your classroom or school building for an air quality news board. On the board, put the title "Let's Clear the Air." Throughout the school year, have the students collect newspaper articles about air pollution. Read and discuss the articles as a class and then place the articles on the bulletin board for others to read.

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