How are transportation projects funded?

Transportation projects are funded from of federal, state and local taxes and fees.

How are transportation planning decisions made?

Planning decisions are made in a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive fashion. Continuing means planning decisions are made and revisited over time to ensure the decisions still make sense and are the best courses of action. Cooperative means there are many people, interest groups, agencies, and stakeholders involved. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion on the proposed decision. After hearing and carefully weighing all the opinions, the decision-making authority makes the planning decision. The decision-making authority is usually an elected or appointed board of people who represent the public at large. Comprehensive means that all relevant information and factors are considered in making the decision. Transportation planning decisions include consideration of environmental, social, economic, financial, political, land use, and equity information and factors.

How is the MPO funded?

Federal planning funds are provided to the MPO by Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) to conduct transportation planning activities. The Planning Division administers the federal planning funds that are provided to the MPO. The LMPO approves the Unified Planning Work Program that details how these federal funds are to be spent.

How much money does the LMPO get every year?

Planning funds in Oklahoma are divided among the four MPOs in the state based on formula.

How are the planning funds spent?

Every year, the LMPO and Transportation Policy Committee approve the Unified Planning Work Program that details specific planning tasks that will be accomplished during the year. Some of the planning money is spent on LMPO administration, and some of the money is used to hire consultants to conduct special studies.

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